The Real Question Behind Thor: Bill’s Faith-Full Reflection

Well, Steve, despite your review of Thor…I decided to take the kids and see Thor this weekend.

Honestly I don’t have anything to disagree with per say. It was, for all intensive purposes, what you might call a “Comic Book Movie.” Big action. Lots of special effects. Low on the acting…but who’s counting.

What I did find in the movie, though, was a faith connection! And that was exciting!

The movie centers around the question: What makes a Son of God? And that question is at the heart of the Christian faith.

At the beginning of the movie, Thor acts like you’d expect from the son of a god. He’s arrogant and ignorant and full of himself. He thinks the best way to solve the problems…is to destroy them! He has no taste for diplomacy. And when his big plans are ruined…he goes after the problem head-on…killing many of his enemies and almost himself!

His father exiles him to earth…and gives the hammer one command. If the bearer can be found worthy, the power of Thor will be his!

Of course Thor thinks he’s already worthy and he tries, unsuccessfully, to take the hammer by force. It’s only when he SACRIFICES HIMSELF and actually dies, that the hammer comes to him and he’s able to truly defeat the bad guy.

Talk about a spine-tingling movie! That sent chills down my back! To think that a super-hero movie would “get it” and understand the true power of the Son of God! Even Christians have a hard time understanding it! For Christ came and could have waltzed up to Rome and taken over…but he didn’t! Instead he comes as a lamb, sacrificing himself, and showing us where true power and true strength lies. Not in strength, but in weakness. Not in indulgence, but in sacrifice.

Of course Thor does what we want Jesus to do afterward…kick some tail!  He throws his weight around a bit.  Having gained back the power taken from him after his mistake, Thor puts that power to good use.  Don’t know if Jesus will do this or not.  I think that’s what we’re waiting for when he talk about Jesus’ Second Coming.  The first time he came with humility and suffered and died…but when he returns he’s gonna kick some tail!  Thor definately draws upon that urge within us as he hammers away at his enemy following his own death and resurrection.  Personally… I think Jesus might stray from Thor at this point… but that’s just me.

In any case, Thor makes for an excellent discussion of : “What makes a son of God?”  Who knows…maybe some of that brute action might teach us about what truly matters.  For that possibility alone, I would give Thor two thumbs up!