Bill’s Random Rumblings: What Do We Stand For?

I decided to start a new category…a random rumblings category.  Here I will post thoughts that have come, maybe not from specific films, but in general.  And they all start with a question.  Today’s question…

What does the Church stand for??

It came to me whilst watching two of the latest previews at the movie theater.  One is already out called Won’t Back Down, about two women who refuse to give up on getting funding for their school.  The other is coming out soon called Here Comes the Boom, about a high school teacher who becomes a wrestler to fund their music programs at school.

Both movies have their own agendas.  Both are about keeping our schools funded, our kids educated.  Both are about fighting for what’s right in the world.  And both movies take a stand.

So…why can’t we in the church take a stand??  Why can’t we stand up…for anything??  For education and funding for extracurricular programs?  For the environment and not polluting our world?  For the poor in our own country or abroad?  Why are we so hesitant to do anything in the church that would make a difference in the world?

Are we afraid of the change?  Of the kickback?  Both movies show how difficult it is to change society.  Both illustrate the forces that defy change.  Are we afraid of losing our members if we take a stand on anything that matters in our world today?

But maybe the church isn’t here to change the world.  Maybe we’re just here to inspire…

Sadly even that power has been stripped from us…for both movies you see also look to inspire!  That’s the power of film.  There’s a scene shown on the previews of Here Comes the Boom where one character says to the teacher who’s training to be a wrestler.  “You can quit right now and everything we hoped for will be accomplished…our students are inspired!”  These movies…and others…inspire us!  They challenge us and our society to look beyond themselves and consider the other person.  To sacrifice what is most important to us, even our very lives, for the sake of the other.  When was the last time you left church inspired like that?

What value does the church have in the world?  I look at Hollywood and see how progressive they seem to be!  I mean, Hollywood is currently helping us define what a family is.  Modern Family and The New Normal are both striving to do that.  You might disagree with their definition of family, but they don’t care.  And I find more love in those shows than in many sermons I’ve heard.  Hollywood jumped into equal rights long before the church ever got onboard.  Movies like “Remember the Titans” have shown us how far we’ve come…and how far we have to go.  Hollywood has been instrumental in shaping our view of the world.  They have helped us deal with our grief and pain after tragic events.  They have even wrestled with God for us!

Why can’t the church do that?!  Why can’t we help people struggle with what family and love and relationships look like?  Why can’t we take a stand for our kids and for educational funding?  Why can’t we stand up for our environment?  And for the poor?  What are we afraid of losing?