The Father-Child Bond: A Reflection by Bill

It’s not often that I get to see two movies in the same weekend.

And, not only that, but two movies that have so much in common with each other…but lead me to the same reflection.

This weekend started out with a trip to see “Trouble with the Curve” with my darling wife.

The movie was good…if a little predictable.  Though the backdrop of the movie is baseball(the Atlanta Braves team to be exact) the movie focuses on the relationship Amy Adams’ character has with Clint Eastwood’s character.  These two share a unique father-daughter bond…though one might wonder what sort of bond exists between them since the father abandoned the daughter and the two have few words to say to one another.  Both of them have trouble with feelings.  Both mean well…but you get the feeling that neither of them understands the other.  In the end their relationship is restored…in a way…but I still left wondering what problems they might face(and ignore) together.

The second movie I saw with my kids and that was “Hotel Transylvania.”

If someone told me that these two movies were alike in any way, I would have laughed.  But it’s true!  Both movies dealt with the father-daughter relationship.  In Transylvania, the father was over the over-protective sort.  Never letting his daughter out of his sight, he tried his best to protect her from the outside world.  That is, until the outside world came to him and a young human boy swept his daughter off her feet.  Then Dracula went into damage control, trying his best to control his daughter and prevent her from getting hurt, he manages to drive the young man away and isolate her from the world.  Of course that’s not the end of the story.  (That would be a sad cartoon if it was.).  Dracula learns that humans are not all bad and gets the young man to return to the castle.

So…what reflection could come from two very different movies??  Just this.  I wonder: Which of these movies characterizes God’s relationship with us?  If God is our Father(as we say each and every Sunday in the Lord’s Prayer) than it makes me wonder what sort of father God is?  Is he the distant father who sends us away to live with our uncles “for our own good”, who never apologizes for what he does and is distant emotionally as well as physically?  That is the kind of God many people choose to believe in.  A God who isn’t really involved with our everyday lives.  A God who is there on Sundays and when we need him.  Or is God more like Dracula in the Transylvania movie?  Is he the overprotective father, always trying to shield us from the world.  A Father who is afraid of what lies “out there.”  Is God that kind of Father?

Or maybe God is something between the two?  Both distant and close?  Perhaps God sends us out into the world, where God is already working?  Perhaps God who seems to be so distant and aloof, is also closer than our every breath?

In any case, these movies lead to many such reflections.  Go and see these two excellent movies and see what thoughts of God come to you…


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