The “God” Character in Men in Black 3 – A Reflection by Bill


Alright…confession time.  You should know by now that I go to the movies in search for God.  Trying to look past the acting(bad or otherwise), the director’s nonsense, or the curious plot line, I search for where God might be in THIS film.

At first, watching Men in Black 3, I had no idea what I would write.  The plot is…typical of a Men in Black movie.  The acting…the same.  It has the same feel as the other two movies.  So…at first I was lost.  “Where is God in this movie?’  And then a new character came on the scene.

His name is Griffon.  He’s a 5 dimensional alien who can see all possibilities.  In his world, everything happens at the same time.  There are possible futures compounded upon possible futures.  One decision might take the characters left.  Another decision might take them right.  And all decisions and their consequences are beholden to Griffon.  Griffon holds the key to salvation.  The ArcNet in the movie which will protect the Earth from a ravenous alien species.  And its up to the Men in Black, of course, to protect Griffon and save the planet.

What I loved is how Griffon looked at the world.  Since he could see all consequences, he could also see all the details.  Watching a baseball game, he noted how the manufacturer of the baseball had an argument with his wife the day this ball was made and that’s why it flies in a certain way.  He spoke about all the details surrounding the game.  And they were all present to him.  All at once.  It was beautiful in a way.  And mindblowing at the same time.

And I wondered… is this how God sees us?  When God looks at the world, does he see all the details happening all at once?  Do they sound like a symphony to him, with each part playing their part?  Does he see how our decisions affect other people in way that we can never see?  Does he witness all possibilities, all parallel universes, at once?

I think he does!  I think he really does. If the psalmist who wrote Psalm 104 were alive today, I think he might include some of those things in his description of God’s activity.  Check that psalm out!  It’s mind blowing when you think of it!  It’s like an ancient version of the Griffon character.  God is involved in so many details of life!

And that’s where God differs from Griffon in the movie.  Where as the Griffon character could see all these possibilities, he could do nothing about them.  In fact, he says: “A miracle is something that is never suppose to happen.”  Griffon is not really full of love for anything either.  He’s got a sense of humor, but that’s about it.  God’s full of love for his creation.  So, while he may look in upon all the details of our lives, he looks upon them with delight.  “It is good!” he declares of his creation…even now!

Check out Men in Black 3…if only to ask yourself: “Is that how God is in the world today?”


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