Scorsese is Wrong Wrong Wrong About 3D: a Reflection by Steve

I greatly admire Martin Scorsese as a director. He is simply and undeniably one of the all time greats. But he is completely and utterly wrong when it comes to 3D. He recently spoke at a film convention and said that all his future films will be in 3D. Please, Martin, say it isn’t so! He said that 3D films transport fans into another world. That may be so, but it’s not a world where I want to go. I do want films to transport me and the good ones do, without the aid of 3D. He said that 3D allows the viewer to feel a stronger connection to the story and the actors on screen. I find the precise opposite to be true. I find 3D to look phoney and artificial. We do not experience the world in layers like we do when watching 3D. Rather than being drawn in to the story and feeling a closer connection to the actors, I feel repelled by 3D. Scorsese’s own Hugo is a perfect example. Seeing it in the theater in 3D, I was underwhelmed. I thought it was a decent movie, but nothing special. Sure, there were a few scenes where the 3D provided a cool effect, as is the case with most 3D movies, but at those moments I find myself thinking about the cool 3D effect, which actually serves to disconnect me from the story. The rest of the time I just find the 3D annoying. A few good moments do not make it worthwhile to have the movie in 3D. These days I find myself giving a little cheer when I see that a movie is being released in 2D. When I watched Hugo at home in wonderful 2D, I fell in love with it and it jumped into my top 5 for the year. So, please, Martin, and all you other directors out there, get over your misguided infatuation with 3D!


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