Hugo Jumps Up, Higher Ground and Poetry Added to Steve’s Rankings

I recently watched Hugo again, this time in 2D at home and I fell in love with it! I appreciated the quality of the film-making when I saw it in 3D, but I felt distanced from the movie. That’s why I don’t like 3D. Ironically, although 3D is supposed to make it feel like the movie is coming right off the screen to you, it makes me feel disconnected from the story on the screen. I am convinced that is because 3D is an artificial experience. Life doesn’t look like that. Life doesn’t come at you in layers. Life actually looks like a 2D film! Hugo came to life for me seeing it in 2D. I was touched deeply by the two interwoven stories and had tears flowing throughout the movie. It has now found a place in my top 5 for the year. I’ve also added the thought provoking Higher Ground and the Korean drama Poetry to my rankings. I’ll be writing more about Higher Ground soon.


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