Real Life Adventures: Bill’s Triple Recommendation & Reflection

Why are “true to life” movies so great? Why do they all leave me in tears, grabbing the tissue, wishing for more? Of all the movies that I love, why do true movies touch me so deeply.

Take these three family friendly true to life movies.

The first… “We Bought A Zoo“. Now… I wasn’t the most excited one in our family to see this movie, but see it we did. And talk about good. And fun. And family friendly on top of it! This is the story of a family who accidentally buys a zoo. And how they turn this zoo into the top ranking animal park it is today. Though it was a feel good movie…it still left me in tears with hope that good things do happen in life.

The second movie is out on DVD already. We showed “Dolphin Tale” to our youth group this past weekend. I brought it home too to watch with my family. This is a movie made around a disabled dolphin and the remarkable way his keepers(and this 11 year old boy) never gave up on him! It’s an outstanding movie… And again I was in tears. Especially when this little girl who lost her leg sees the dolphin and tells her mother: “He’s just like me!”

Finally, we saw the newest true-to-life movie in theaters, “Big Miracle.” This is the story of a family of whales stuck in the ice in Alaska and how the country rallied around this family and brought them to safety. A warning, though, there are sad moments in this movie too. But overall, it was a heartwarming tale!

So… why are true-to-life movies so…good? Maybe it’s because hope, true and pure hope, can’t be manufactured. Hope is something that comes from God in life with all its ups and downs. Most true stories I’ve seen have captured that hope in a powerful way, making you realize that, Yes! God is alive! Yes! We are stewards of the world around us. Yes! We should care about what happens to animals, to creation, to everything! And yes! It’s already happening here!


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