Joyful Noise…An Anti-Recommendation by Bill

I am a musical nut. Pure and simple. I love watching musicals. Musicals on tv. Musicals on the big screen. Musicals in a small community theater. It doesn’t matter.
So I was initially excited about seeing Joyful Noise, a new musical movie starring Dolly Pardon and Queen Latifa.

That was…until I actually saw it. Talk about a mixed bag of reactions.
On the one hand the music was astounding! Pure and simple. Pardon and Latiffa did a brilliant job singing all their parts. And their co-stars were just as talented as they. This is definately a soundtrack to purchase, especially if you like “Sister Act” kind of music.

But everything else…and I do mean EVERYTHING else…really stunk.
The plot was straight out of Sister Act 2…only with a non-denominational group of adults. The plot goes like this:  Choir gets new choir director. Choir struggles with change. Choir overcomes challenges. Choir wins tournament. That’s the plot of Sister Act 2…and that’s the plot of Joyful Noise too.

But even worse than the overused plotline was the dialogue. I don’t know who wrote the screenplay but they need to sit in on a few realistic conversations. Most of the dialogue happens in the car as they’re traveling to one place or another. And most of it is totally unrealistic! Would people actually talk this way?!  What was worse was when they started talking about God! Talk about contrived!

The dialogue was so bad I started to cringe half-way through the movie.  I noticed that when they were talking, even my fellow movie-goers were finding other things to do.

Overall I’d give this movie’s soundtrack an A-. It was that good!  But it’s dialogue and plot…and firm C+. Don’t waste your money seeing this one. I’m sure it’ll be on ABC Family channel eventually.


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