To Animate or Not To Animate? A Reflection by Bill

I must say I have not seen many of the movies my co-blogger writes of. Not because I am not interested in them, but because, like many people my age with young children, I find myself drawn to movies that could be termed “family movies.” So far…in the last few months, I have seen just a handful of movies that might be called “adult movies” and mostly all with my wife. The rest are all children movies.

With that said, I often wonder what inspires people to animate a movie. Take a current hit, “The Adventures of Tin Tin.” Now, I am not from Belgium, so I am not aware of Tin Tin from before, but I had heard that his name is well known in other parts of the world. I went to see this movie with my family and found it to be rather dull and terribly predictable. It could have been better.  It’s an action movie at its heart, made for children, as evidenced by the 13 year old hero.  That wouldn’t be bad…but it’s animated in the weird capture motion computer animation style that’s become so annoyingly popular nowadays. A style that seems to call attention to itself rather than aid the story along.  The movie itself would have been better as a live-action movie with animated characters integrated into the picture. But not as a totally animated piece.  It just doesn’t work.  It won the Golden Globe for best animated film, not because of its story, but because how nice it looks on screen.

With that said, why make a movie that could be a decent live-action movie into an animated movie? Why not spend the money to put together a good action movie that might even rival Indiana Jones and the like? Why spend so many millions of dollars on a technology that doesn’t sell too well? Why animate a movie a potentially good live-action movie? I just don’t understand.

Of course there are movies other movies that have gone the other way, like the Smurfs or the Chipmunks, which were once both animated, now come to real-life. And those seem to work. But the other way? Animating a live-action movie? That doesn’t work so well for me.

I’m curious…for those who watch these movies with your children or grandchildren…what do you think? Do you like animated movies made real? Real movies made animated? Or not?


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