Game of Shadows Reveals the Purpose of Movies

One of the many movies I’ve been looking forward to this winter, Sherlock Holmes 2, just came out!

Ever since the first one came out two years ago I have been looking forward to seeing this movie. With its original cinematography and its dead-on characters, I thought this would be a hit. At least as much of a hit as the original was.

And a hit was what it was…at least for me! I loved how Robert Downing Jr. drew you into Sherlock’s character, making him more action hero than boring sleuth. I loved how Jude Law played off his character as Watson in every way imaginable. And I loved the bad guy! Wow! The action was exciting. The story was real. And the ending was to die for!

Coming out of the movie I realized what one purpose of the movies is…at least for me.  Going to the movies takes me out of my reality.  It pulls me into another world with new characters and new challenges.  A good movie becomes real to me, like a dream, making the hours fly by.  At the end of a good movie I look back and wonder where the time went.  The theme music becomes a part of my day.  I start humming, even a piece of it.  I get wrapped up in the movie that I want it to continue past the credits.  I stay to the very end.  That’s the sign of a good movie for me.

What is it for you?  What do you look for going to the theater?  Is it realism?  Is it a thought provoking plot-line?  Is it realistic characters?  Or a dramatic score?  What makes you go?

If you find the same things appealing as I do, though, check out the new Sherlock Holmes movie.  And be prepared to be profoundly confounded, good sir!  The game is afoot!  It’s time to see the show!


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