Giving Voice to the Least…in The Help

As much as I’m jumping up and down, not only in excitement over Steve’s latest posts after the long summer, but also in addressing some of his…shall we say…errors in dealing with the movies this summer, I mustn’t start there.  Something needs to be said to what I think will ultimately be the best Christian movie of the summer…maybe of the entire year. The Help.

The Help has a little of everything in it.  It takes place in the 1960’s, where issues of discrimination and civil rights are all the rage.  There are lots of funny moments in this movie.  Including one a little off color I will not spoil for you.  🙂

But the best thing I think about The Help, though, is how remarkably Christian it truly is.  It follows a young white woman who, wanting to become a published author, helps the “help”, the African-American women around her, have a voice.  Interviewing each of them, she compiles a book of their perspectives and opinions.  She gives them voice.  Allowing each of the maids, servants, and other help to speak on their lives.

As these women open up, as they truly rise from the dead of dispair and grief, I kept thinking of Jesus’ words in Matthew.  “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me.”  This young white woman was giving voice to the least of these.  The African American maids and housekeepers who were shunned, criticized, and looked down upon, were lifted up by this young woman and given freedom to express themselves.

And all pay the price for this freedom too.  The young woman loses her fiance.  Many of the maids lose their jobs.  But isn’t that the price we pay for justice?  Isn’t that what carrying our crosses is all about?

Go and see this movie…now!  It will do your faith some good.


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