Bill’s Summer Movie Reviews… So far…

I find the summer to be the time I go to the movies the most. Sci-fi and fantasy flicks are all over the place this time of year. And most weekends one or more of the newest pictures are appealing to me or my children.

But if you were to go to the movies…which movie should you see? What’s good out there?? Well, here’s my review of the summer movies we’ve seen…so far.

Thor… Already offered my review of that movie as well as the Christian elements in it. See it in 2-D though. I don’t see the value of 3-D with this one.

Kung Fu Panda 2… This movie surprised me. I was not a fan of the first movie, nor do I particularly enjoy Jack Black’s brand of humor, but this movie was funny…and really very deep in parts! The 3-D isn’t all that bad either. If your children or grandchildren are itching to go(as my kids were) I’d just go…with the knowledge that YOU might be surprised. And YOU might get something out of it.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4… If you’re familiar with the ride at Disneyland and are semi-familiar with the characters from the previous films, this is a great movie to watch. If not… might be one to skip. Especially if you’re not in the mood for the supernatural pirate stuff… but that’s just me…

X-Men: First Class… My wife and I saw this for our anniversary. I was nervous(it being our anniversary and seeing a comic book movie…)… but this movie was AWESOME! It tells the story of Magneto and Professor X before they split up. It helps if you know the comic books or have watched one of the previous movies. If you haven’t…you might want to skip it.

Super 8… I had high hopes for this movie, especially with Speilberg and Addams on board with it… but it didn’t match my expectations at all and felt like a modern-day remake of a B-rated movie back in the 70’s. Maybe that was the point… but it didn’t work for me.

That’s my review of the summer movies so far… and there are more to come. With Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Smurfs, and so many others on the horizon you can be guaranteed a sequel to this post soon.


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