Is Bill Hopping Mad?

This weekend my family and I were waiting for the circus to start in a few hours, got bored, and went to see the newest kiddie movie out there… Hop!

Hop is about the Easter Bunny’s son who doesn’t want to become the new Easter Bunny so he runs away to Hollywood where he meets James Marsten’s character…another loser…and the two of them have a bit of an adventure together.

Hop was not my favorite movie…while I was watching it.  My wife described it as… “…just like any other Santa show…only for Easter”  I, however, struggled throughout the movie trying to find the point in it.  What’s the point in the Easter Bunny?  Why am I sitting here with popcorn in my lap and my daughter by my side watching this movie?  Surely the movie in the next room is more interesting that this…

Then the ending hit.  An ending which, if you’ve watched any holiday movie you know what it is.  The father affirms the son, the son takes over the family business, and everyone lives happily ever after….

And as I was leaving the theater… it dawned on me.  That’s what Easter is really all about.  Easter is about the Father affirming the Son by raising him from the dead.  “But God raised him from the dead and gave him the name that is above every name…” Paul says.  Peter says that too.  “You crucified him…but God raised him up.”  Easter is about a great affirmation of Jesus Christ and everything that he stood for.  If Jesus was not raised from the dead, than he was not who he said he was.  If he wasn’t raised, than the Father really did abandon him on that cross.  If Jesus hadn’t been raised, than we are still in our sins.

But he has.  The Father has affirmed the Son at the end by raising him from the dead.  Just like the father Easter Bunny does to E.B. at the end of this movie.  E.B.(and James Marsten’s character ) are both affirmed by their father for what they did.  Just as Jesus was.

True there are outrageous elements to this movie(I don’t think I’ll ever eat another jelly bean the same way)… but maybe this movie has a little more to do with the real meaning of Easter than I thought it did…  What do you think?


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