A Kiddie Movie Double Feature by Bill

So… you’re out with your kids (or your grandkids) and wondering what to do with them.  You see a bunch of movies at the theaters, one or two that they haven’t seen, but wonder to yourself: “Are they any good?”

Thankfully you’ve read Bill and Steve’s blog recently, trusting the critique you’ve read there, and are confident which movie to see.

So… given the choice between the two movies above… which do you choose?  Well… It all depends…

Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Rodrick’s Rules…  If the kids in your company are in late elementary school or middle school this movie is perfect!  Based on the Wimpy Kid books that most kids have read, they follow the seventh grade hero as he wrestles with living with his older brother.  While the first movie focused on the relationships of his friends, this movie focuses on the relationship he has with his brother, Rodrick, who does what every older brother in the world has done before: Made his younger sibling’s life miserable.  The movie focuses on their relationship pretty much as well as the newly budding hormones of its middle school cast.  Delightfully well done, my only gripe with the movie was how it portrayed the mother.  Mothers everywhere…prepare to be offended.

The Faith Connection…  Surprisingly this family actually goes to church at one point in time.  (It almost looks like a Lutheran church too!).  Of course some delightfully humorous thing happens at church (and in typical Hollywood fashion, the church is packed with everyone the kid knows!)… but the fact that they made the family faithful won points in my book.  Take your older kids to see this movie…and you might find yourself grinning yourself.

Mars Needs Moms… This movie I think is the worst attended, worst critiqued movie that nobody saw.  I’m not sure why its done so badly in the theaters either.  Some critics say that Mars rehashes old storylines…but which movie doesn’t?  Some say it’s just sappy… yeah?  I don’t know what their problem with it is.

Mars Needs Moms follows one boy as he tries to rescue his mom from the martians who have kidnapped her.  Martians here live underground(that’s why we can’t see them on the cameras) and they need one mom every few years whose discipline and control of her kids is perfect to sacrifice in order to fill their “nannybots” with discipline.  Maybe that’s where people got lost.  The name itself sounds like Moms are needed to take care of the kids.  They are…sortof.  The mom dies if their essence gets transferred into the nannybots who are designed to take care of the martian babies.  So… you can imagine the boy’s urgency to find his mom and save her.  First and foremost, though, in this movie is a mother’s love.  You see this best in the final act of the movie (a sequence I will not spoil for you here).  Needless to say… get your tissues ready and be prepared to cry (yes cry!) throughout this movie.  My wife cried continuously through this movie!  Still despite the tears, this is a really, really, really good movie!  The kids (all of them) will enjoy this movie I think, from the youngest to the oldest.  It has some really colorful characters and a good plot.  My sons were hugging my wife at the end of the movie saying: “We love you mommy.”  What better reward is there?

Faith Connection: No God is specifically identified in this movie.  Nor do any of the characters pray that I remember.  Still, the sacrificial nature of this movie reminds me of Jesus words: “Greater love has no one that this: that he lay his life down for his friends.”  This is definitely a “life-laid down” sorta movie.

So… back to the theater… you look up, see that these movies(and Rango) are all playing and think… “Now… which movie do I want to enjoy today?”


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