Rango…Bill’s Reactionary Reflection(with Spoilers)

This past weekend my wife and I went to see Rango with our three children.  They had seen the trailers and had been begging us for weeks”Please… let’s go see it!”  My daughter talked about this movie for days before, remembering the “funny part” over and over again.

Honestly I really didn’t know what to think at first.  I personally LOVE Johnny Depp and anything he’s involved in post-Edward Scissorhands, so I was kinda excited about seeing it for him.  But the whole Western thing has never been MY thing.  (Maybe because I grew up in the South-west…and really didn’t think it was all that special.)  So… I went in not really knowing what to expect.

Still I have to say that Rango surprised me.  I went in thinking about what I would write in this review…and I left with a few good faith-full gems.

#1:  “Everyone needs someone to believe in…”  This statement was repeated twice during the movie and seemed to be a theme.  Rango, though a loser himself, becomes in the span of the movie someone to believe in.  In fact, the worst thing the villan does to him is expose his flaws and make the town lose faith in him.  I thought of all the heros that we could talk about with our kids, both those who’ve kept faith and those who haven’t.  Who do we believe in?  Are they everything they’re cracked up to be?  What does it mean to believe in someone?  This statement might even garner some great discussion…

#2:  “No hero can walk away from their story.”  Boy this statement touched me!  It too was repeated twice!  I think we all wrestle with what to do with our lives.  What our story will turn out to be.  I thought of the discussion we could have about our story…and about how we enter into our own story whether we like to or not.

#3:  There’s a death and resurrection folks!!  Yes indeed, little Rango makes the journey through death and resurrection.  After he’s humiliated in front of the town, he “crosses over” and walks over the road toward the other side.  Once there he meets someone in a chariot with golden statues.  I won’t give away who that someone is…that’s a pretty humerous part of the movie…but I will say that Rango is never the same after he crosses over.  Sound familiar anyone?

There are some real adult jokes in the movie…most which my children didn’t get…but which were hillarious to my wife and I.  I would probably agree with Steve when it comes to his recommendation.  Keep the little kiddies away from this one.  Not because of content…but because I don’t think they’ll really get it.  My daughter spent most of the movie trying to climb in her mother’s lap because of the giant snake…and she’s 5.  Still my older boys(ages 7 and 9) did seem to get something out of it…and my wife and I left the movie feeling like it was a good movie by the end.  This one is a keeper, I think.  Rango has won our hearts here.


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