A Recommendation from Bill…With Laughs!

Alright… you should know something about me right away.  I have three young children.  MOST of the movies I actually see in the theaters are ones appropriate for them.  So… you’ll be getting a lot of kid-show recommendations from me.

Two weekends ago we went and saw the movie: “Gnomio and Juliet in 3-d!”  I know…not the most intellegent piece.  I myself  had low expectations of this movie.  Whenever the preview came on, I found myself rolling my eyes and shaking my head.  My kids would laugh…but I just couldn’t see what was so funny.  After all…how could they translate the story of ROMIO and Juliet into a kids movie?  Still I dragged along another family with us from church and we all went and saw it as a youth group experience.

Overall it’s not a bad movie.  It’s definately for kids…in every way imaginable.  There are a couple adult jokes that you might miss if you don’t pay close attention to them.  The movie begins kinda like the play does.  It even has a little monologue which is hillariously cut short and then goes into what we know as the story of Romio and Juliet from the play.  They’re even called the same names.  Of course the blues and the reds don’t get along and when one of each of them falls in love with each other…well, you know the story.  There’s nothing too theological about the whole piece.  It’s just…Romio and Juliet for lawn gnomes.

My favorite character in the movie was William Shakespeare, who appears as a statue come to life.  Voiced by Patrick Stewart(one of my FAVORITE actors), Shakespeare tries to warn the gnomes that the play ends bad.  “It’s a tragedy, you know!” he says at one point.  Still the little gnomes don’t believe him and press on and when a little mushroom cloud appears overhead he says: “Told you so!”

The movie features the songs of Elton John which act both as their spontaneous singing numbers and as the background music itself and even comes with its own Elton John gnome which sings and dances on screen.  I guess that’s what you get when you Executive Produce the movie yourself.

Still I have to admit that I laughed…a lot!  Maybe that shows you the caliber of my sense of humor, but, especially in the beginning, there are some really FUNNY parts!  My recommendation is this:  If you want to feel like a kid again, need a good laugh in your life, don’t care about shelling out an additional $3.00 for the ticket in 3-d, or have some kids you need to entertain, check out Gnomio and Juliet.  Otherwise it’ll be coming to your RedBox soon I’m sure… 🙂



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